Real World Studios were created for Peter Gabriel.

Interesting Sites and what the hell do they mean?

Some of the things we see on the web are just ridiculous. Ya Hualli! another blog which is just randomness - what the hell do people do all day long? Surely they can’t have time to put this stuff together can they?

Jimi Hendrix - Legend

Jimi Hendrix 1967.png

Still some legends stand out. Jimi Hendrix is one of those in our book. He was far out there musically and we think he’d appreciate being included in this blog.

Read about his amazing short life.

We concede some ‘quality’ music then

Ok so we’re not all just totally avant garde. We still dig some of the scenes but they’re few and far now. Massive fans of music production in the 80s when most of it was poor but that’s music for you.

Shimmy Disc - Kramer

Music for the masses

We’re only just gettin’ to grips with what it takes to make some wicked sounds and sick beats!

Checked out Solidarity Recordings at the weekend. They motto is strength in solidarity as they do some quite off-the-wall sounding material.

It’s all about remaining strong through music and any form of music is welcomed there.

Panoramic Recordings

We’re listing random stuff here at the moment but they’ll be plenty of PR stuff to talk about!

Panoramic Recordings - not everyone’s cup of tea, but sure is a blast to work with!

Not everyone’s a fan and you know you’re not a PR fan when…  :)